Summer in Oakland...

is like the dead of Winter in Los Angeles.

I usually don't mind the cold so much, but today I do. I wonder if these feelings mean our days in the Bay Are are numbered. Something to think about...

Summer calls for Block Parties

Block Party (Spike Lee Style)

Mixed Berry in the Fields

Mixed Berry For Me


Forever & A Day

At least it feels like it has been forever and a day since I have had a bit of time to myself. Over the Memorial Day holiday (somewhere between the zoo, the park, the City and the movies), I was able to finish the pair of pretties that I've been thinking about for a while...

Russian Hill (inspired by our visit to SF)

I finished another pair tonight. Pics tomorrow :D



I added these words to the foyer of our new place. I love that they look handwritten.

Check out the rest of the goods over at Hums and Tiddley Ponds.


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to Mom.
Happy Mother's Day to Aaji.
Happy Mother's Day to BA.
Happy Mother's Day to my friends & customers.


Cinco De Mayo

Been looking at a lot of art lately and definitely find myself, again, drawn to bold colors and abstract design. Still waiting to clear some room for a proper workspace to present itself in our new house. Maybe tonight. I want to get my thoughts into some new designs.

Baby K is enjoying pre-school so much more these days. I am glad for that, but she barely gives me a hug and a kiss when I drop her off, already busy scanning around for her favorite toys and books. It's a little sad.



The movers did their thing on Sunday, but there is still so much left to do! It is a very disconcerting feeling having your stuff in two different places. I'm so ready to be DONE with this move. If only I could snap my fingers and make all the chaos go away. And, moving with a 3 year old?! Oh Man. Poor kid does not like this one bit.

I hope to be back to creating and listing new work soon. Hopefully by this weekend. In the meanwhile, remember to get your photos in for the Mother's Day Contest!


Mother's Day Contest


Send me a photo of you wearing your earrings for my blog and have a chance to win.
The winning photo gets to choose TWO pairs of Fields of Honey earrings from my current collection
(keep one for you and send one to another special Momma in your life!).

Winner will be selected by committee (me & the "honeys")

Contest deadline: MAY 1ST, 2008 so I can ship in time for Mother's Day.
Send photos to: fieldsofhoney@gmail.com

Happy Mother's Day to the Mommas out there!

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